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Driving drunk is against the law in New Jersey and for good reason – it is extremely dangerous. Yet every day, drunk drivers cause car accidents that leave people seriously injured. When you were hurt in a crash caused by a drunk driver, you need an experienced New Jersey car accident lawyer who knows how to get results.

Attorney David Leigh of The Leigh Law Firm, P.C. fights for the injured throughout Millburn and Essex counties. He understands the effects that injuries from a drunk driving accident can have on victims and their families. He takes on the insurance companies to help victims recover the financial compensation they deserve. Schedule your free consultation with a drunk driving accident attorney today.

Drunk drivers put everyone on the road in danger

Drivers who get behind the wheel of a car while impaired endanger everyone else on the road. Reaction time, coordination, and decision-making capabilities are greatly compromised when driving under the influence. As a result, drunk drivers may:

The high cost of drunk driving crashes

What happens next is often an accident that can have devastating consequences. People are killed in drunk driving accidents throughout the country every day, amounting to more than 10,000 deaths each year. Survivors suffer serious injuries that can be life-changing.

Common injuries seen in drunk driving accidents include concussion and traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injuries, damage to internal organs, burns, broken bones, head and neck injuries, and injury to muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

Medical expenses can add up quickly after a drunk driving accident. You may have been taken to the hospital and received X-rays, MRIs, or other diagnostic tests. There may have been surgery and a hospital stay. Victims may require medication, physical therapy, and multiple follow-up appointments with doctors.

This can also lead to financial stress, and you may wonder how you are going to pay these expenses, especially if you can’t work. If a drunk driver caused the accident that left you injured, you shouldn’t have to pay.

We help you fight back against the insurance companies

It seems like insurance claims involving drunk driving would be fairly straightforward. A drunk driver violated the law and caused a crash that left you hurt. The insurance company should cover your medical expenses.

But it isn’t that simple. For one thing, drunk drivers may challenge any charges they are facing and deny doing anything wrong. This puts you in the position of having to prove negligence. The insurance companies aren’t on your side, either. Their main goal is to pay you as little as possible. There are different tactics they use to try to limit your compensation. They’ll challenge the seriousness of your injuries or seek access to your medical history to argue your injuries were pre-existing. They may even try to say you were partially to blame for the accident.

Insurance companies handle claims every day and they have the advantage. They also have lawyers looking out for their best interests.  need an attorney who will fight for what’s best for you.

Attorney Leigh knows all of their tactics. He used to represent insurance companies and knows how they approach claims like this. As your lawyer, he is dedicated to making a difference by fighting back against the insurance companies to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

An attorney who puts in the hustle for drunk driving victims

Our firm builds strong cases and puts in the hard work needed to get results. We investigate your crash to gather evidence that helps prove the other driver was impaired. Attorney Leigh carefully reviews accident reports and other documentation, and interviews witnesses. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts who can help us prove negligence.

Attorney Leigh puts in the hustle needed to move your case forward and will fight for the best possible outcome. This includes compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to your injury, lost wages if you couldn’t work, and other damages such as pain and suffering.

Many times, these cases can be resolved through a negotiated settlement. But we will be prepared to fight for you in court if that’s what it takes.

Talk to a drunk driving accident lawyer today

We know you have a lot of questions. How much compensation can I recover? How long will it take to resolve my lawsuit? Do I even have a case? Attorney Leigh can answer your questions and discuss your legal options during a free consultation. There’s no obligation. If we do represent you in your drunk driving accident case, you owe us nothing unless we recover compensation for you. We pay all the costs to move your case forward.

Learn more about how we can help. Contact us to schedule your free consultation at our Millburn office or another location that is more convenient for you.

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