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Intersections can be very busy. There are often multiple vehicles traveling in different directions, with some drivers who always seem to be in a hurry. It only takes one negligent driver to cause a T-bone accident – also called a broadside accident – that leaves people seriously hurt.

If you’ve been injured in a car accident in Millburn or anywhere throughout Essex or Union counties, you need an experienced attorney who knows how to get results. New Jersey T-bone accident attorney David Leigh of The Leigh Law Firm, P.C. is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of his clients by fighting for the financial compensation they deserve.

T-bone accidents are generally caused by negligence

They’re called “T-bone accidents” because they involve the front of one car crashing into the sign of another, making the shape of the letter “T.” It can be difficult to determine fault in these types of crashes because the negligent drivers often feel they had the right of way.

Here’s one example of a T-bone accident – the light turns green, so you start making your way through the intersection. A car coming from the crossroad increases speed to run a red light and slams into the side of your car. Another example involves a driver failing to check for oncoming vehicles when making a turn.

There can be many types of negligent driving involved in a T-bone collision. These include speeding, running a stop sign, driving recklessly, texting behind the wheel, or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The problem is that these drivers rarely admit that their negligence caused the accident.

Dealing with the insurance company after a T-bone crash is challenging

Don’t expect much help from the insurance company. Their main concern is to try to pay you as little as possible so they can save money. The insurance company may question how bad your injuries really are. Or they will seek access to your medical records to try to prove your injuries were pre-existing. Attorney Leigh knows all their tricks because he used to represent insurance companies. He will help you fight back.

You may be blamed for at least partially causing the accident. Under New Jersey’s comparative negligence system, if you are found to be partly responsible for the crash, the amount of compensation you can recover can be reduced. Insurance companies are well aware of this. That’s why they will closely examine the accident to look for any information they can use against you. They may argue you didn’t use your blinkers, or that you failed to slow down at the traffic signal. They may insist the other driver had the right of way. There are a lot of different arguments they may use, and they have lawyers ready to protect their interests.

A T-bone accident attorney will fight back

That’s why you need a car accident lawyer who knows how to fight back against insurance companies to get results. Attorney Leigh understands what it’s like to deal with the insurance companies – he saw how they treated a family member who was hurt in an accident and just wanted to be treated fairly.

Attorney Leigh puts in the hard work needed to build a strong case. We investigate your T-bone accident by gathering evidence, including any video taken by traffic cameras. We carefully review accident reports and other documentation and interview witnesses. If needed, we consult accident reconstruction experts who can help us understand how the crash happened.

Our firm also determines the total damages you have suffered. In general, you can seek compensation for all current and future medical expenses related to your injuries, lost wages if your injuries kept you out of work, and other damages such as pain and suffering.

Attorney Leigh will deal directly with the insurance companies so you can focus on getting better. He’ll give you updates on the progress of your case and inform you of any settlement offers that were made. You may have questions or concerns along the way. If so, you can call him directly on his cell phone. He’ll take a hard line in negotiations on your behalf, and if the insurance company won’t agree to a settlement that meets your needs, attorney Leigh will be prepared to fight for you in court.

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