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Motorcycles are popular throughout New Jersey and are a common sight on the streets of Millburn and throughout Essex and Union counties. But motorcyclists are vulnerable on the road. It only takes one negligent driver to cause a motorcycle accident that leaves a biker with serious injuries.

Damaged motorcycle, helmet, and glass lying on the ground after a motorcycle accidentInsurance companies often don’t treat injured motorcyclists fairly. That’s why you need an experienced New Jersey motorcycle accident lawyer who knows how to get results. Attorney David Leigh of The Leigh Law Firm, P.C. used to represent insurance companies. He builds strong cases that they have to take seriously.

Most motorcyclists are very responsible and follow the rules of the road. But as far as insurance companies are concerned, if there’s an accident, the motorcyclist was somehow responsible. They are not on your side when you’ve been injured. And there are many tactics that they’ll use to try to limit your compensation.

Insurance companies have lawyers looking out for their best interests. You need an attorney who is ready to fight for your rights. Attorney Leigh is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of clients by helping them recover the financial compensation they deserve so they can heal from their injuries and move forward. Schedule your free consultation today.

Types of motorcycle accidents we handle

Most motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers. These include cases involving a:

Rear-end accident – This can happen when a driver follows a motorcycle too closely and is unable to stop in time to prevent a crash. Motorcycles have a shorter stopping distance than cars, and some motorists fail to take this into account.

Speeding crash – When drivers ignore the posted speed limit, they can easily lose control of their car. They are often unable to stop in time to prevent a collision.

Dooring accident – This type of collision also occurs when a driver is not paying attention. The driver parks on the side of the road, but fails to check for oncoming traffic before opening the door. A motorcyclist is unable to stop in time and crashes into the open car door.

Intersection accident – Drivers can crash into a motorcycle by running a red light, failing to stop at a stop sign, or being distracted and failing to notice that the light has changed and a motorcycle has stopped in front of them.

Left-hand turn collision – A driver of a car makes a left-hand turn at an intersection but does not check for motorcycles coming from the other direction – motorcycles that have the right of way. Instead, the driver goes ahead with the turn and crashes into the motorcycle.

Head-on collision – These accidents occur when a driver crosses into the other lane with traffic going in the opposite direction and hits the front of a motorcycle.

Lane switching crash – This can happen when drivers don’t check for motorcycles. They want to move into the next lane on a highway or major street but crash into the side of a motorcycle.

What causes motorcycle accidents?

Too many drivers don’t even look for motorcycles on the road. Or they consider them a nuisance and don’t drive responsibly. Drivers can cause a crash when they are:

• Texting behind the wheel
• Talking on the phone
• Driving too fast
• Trying to recklessly pass a motorcycle
• Following a motorcycle too closely
• Driving when they are fatigued
• Driving under the influence

But negligent drivers often deny doing anything wrong and refuse to accept responsibility for what happened. If you were in an accident, the other driver may try to blame you for causing the crash. An experienced Millburn, NJ motorcycle accident attorney can fight back.

What to do after a motorcycle accident

If you can, take steps to protect your health and your right to seek compensation:

Call the police. Do this even if the accident seems minor. They can make sure everyone is safe and will also complete an accident report that documents what happened.

Get medical attention. Maybe you just feel shaken up and think you are fine. See a doctor anyway. You could have injuries that have delayed symptoms, like a concussion or internal injury. A doctor can determine if you are hurt and begin treatment if necessary. There will also be a written record of your injuries.

Gather information. Get the name, contact information, and insurance company of the other driver. Try to keep the conversation civil and don’t discuss who was at fault. Also, get the names and contact information of any witnesses.

Document the scene. Take photos and video of the collision, including damage to your motorcycle and the other vehicle. Get photos of any visible injuries you have.

Talk to a lawyer. The sooner you contact a Millburn motorcycle accident attorney, the better. You can learn what your options are to help you decide what to do next.

Common injuries seen in motorcycle accidents

Motorcyclists have very little protection in a crash. Because of this, they can be left with:

Head and brain injuries – While a helmet can provide some protection, motorcyclists can still suffer head and brain injuries. These include concussions and more serious forms of traumatic brain injury (TBI). Symptoms can include problems with balance, walking, speech, memory, and motor skills.

Back injuries – These include fractured vertebrae or a herniated disc. Back injuries can be painful and limit mobility. There is also the risk of spinal cord damage, which can result in partial or complete paralysis.

Broken bones – The force of impact during a collision or from being thrown to the ground can result in fractures. Motorcyclists may suffer broken bones in the hip, arms, legs, hands, wrists, or face. Some broken bones may require surgery to help them set properly.

Bikers’ arm – During an accident, a motorcycle that weighs hundreds of pounds can fall onto the motorcyclist’s arm, or a motorcyclist who is thrown from their bike will use an arm to break their fall. This causes damage to the median nerve, radial nerve, or ulnar nerve, resulting in numbness, limited arm movement, and difficulty using hands or fingers.

Road rash – A motorcyclist is often thrown down to the ground and slides on the road before coming to a stop. This can cause serious lacerations and bruises on the skin. There can be nerve damage or scarring in some cases, and the injury can become infected without treatment.

Internal injuries – Because motorcyclists have little protection in a crash, direct contact with a car or the impact of landing on pavement can result in internal damage. This can include internal bleeding, collapsed lung, a torn aorta, and trauma to the liver, kidneys, spleen, or other organs.

How a motorcycle accident lawyer can help

Our firm takes your case seriously from the start. We know the obstacles you can face when dealing with insurance companies. If we represent you, attorney Leigh can:

• Investigate your motorcycle accident
• Gather evidence, such as any video of the crash
• Interview witnesses
• Consult experts, if needed
• File a lawsuit against the negligent driver
• Determine the total damages you have suffered
• Deal directly with the insurance company on your behalf
• Negotiate a settlement that meets your needs
• Fight for you in court if no settlement can be reached

It’s important to get legal advice as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident. While the law allows two years from the date of the crash to take legal action, the sooner we can get started on your case, the better.

If you were hurt in a motorcycle accident in Northern New Jersey, we can help. Get answers to your questions and learn about your legal options for recovering financial compensation in a free consultation. Our office is in Millburn, or attorney Leigh can meet with you at your home or hospital room. Contact us to schedule a time that is convenient for you.

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